Show Your Progress with the NCCE Computing Quality Framework Accreditation  

As you progress through the NCCE's Computing Quality Framework, certificates and awards can be achieved to indicate your progress. Below is a description of the certificates and awards that are available and how they can be achieved.

Certificate of Commitment

Schools can make a commitment to engage with the NCCE Computing Quality Framework as a means of reviewing practice and implementing actions that will improve the school's computing curriculum.

Once registered to take part in the self-reviewprocess, the school will be able to download the Commitment to Computing Certificate, by clicking on the highlighted logo on the review pages.

Certificate of Progress

Schools can receive recognition for their commitment to developing their computing curriculum, as evidenced by their use of this Computing Quality Framework.

To receive the NCCE Certificate of Progress in Computing, the school will need to have completed at least two of the seven dimensions of the framework. The certificate can then be downloaded by clicking on the highlighted logo on the review pages.

The NCCE Computing Quality Mark

Schools that are able to show good practice in their computing curriculum can apply for the NCCE Computing Quality Mark, which is awarded by BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT.

To apply for the award, the school must meet the benchmark level (level 4) for every dimension of the framework and, in their review,  add a commentary for every aspect. That commentary must describe the provision for each aspect and how it meets the benchmark level statement. When this is complete the school should make an online application to their local NCCE Computing Hub. 

Following the application, the Computing Hub will check the school's review to ensure that the school has met the benchmark levels in all dimensions of the framework. If the Computing Hub is satisfied that the evidence provided by the school meets the required level, the Computing Hub will recommend to BCS that the shool should be awarded the mark.