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Quick Start Guide: How to use the Computing Quality Framework 

The Computing Quality Framework tool allows you to assess your school’s progress in developing the computing curriculum against several criteria.

It is structured in dimensions. Each dimension contains 5 level statements, which are shown on the review page. A rating from 5 to 1 can be selected with 5 representing the highest level.

Review Dashboard

Your review dashboard provides an overview of your progress within the framework. The radar graph shows the levels you have selected for each dimension (green), along with the current national level (blue) and the threshold needed to be awarded the NCCE Computing Mark (red).

This provides an instant overview of the areas that need improvement. Click on the intersection of the aspect line and the red line to be taken to the selected dimension and continue your review.


Within each dimension you will find five level statements. Select the statement that best reflects your current position. The benchmark level for the NCCE Computing Mark is indicated alongside the relevant level statement.

Once you have selected a level, you will be presented with the relevant improvement actions. You can then enter commentary on your current position, evidence, and your action plan for improvements.

Progress in each dimension is based on whether you have chosen a level and whether you have entered commentary.